Tech Transfer

Midrex realizes that to have a truly successful DRI operation, proper technology transfer and continued support and advice are required. 

Commissioning of a DRI Plant and successful Technology Transfer in many ways is only just the beginning of our relationship with our clients. Providing plant owners the knowledge, assistance and benefits of continuing technological advancement is how MIDREX® Plants continue to advance and exceed client expectations.

Awareness of and focus on the effective transfer of MIDREX® Direct Reduction Technology starts when plant systems and process equipment are being designed and continues throughout the life of the plant.

Midrex was one of the first U.S. iron and steel industry companies to embrace the concept of providing technical knowledge, training and manufacturing know-how to promote industrial self-reliance through local ownership, operation, and management. The four basic principles of MIDREX® technology transfer embody this philosophy.

Basic Principles of Midrex Technology Transfer

  • Keep equipment designs and plant operations as simple and uncomplicated as possible.
    One of greatest accomplishments by Midrex engineers has been maintaining the basic simplicity of the MIDREX® Process while increasing the efficiency and productivity of the technology.
  • Tailor training to specific operational and production goals.
    Midrex training programs stress hands-on experience and are designed according to the background of those to be trained and the performance objectives of the plant management.
  • Provide ongoing operational support and technical assistance.
    Midrex offers a number of post-commissioning services intended to help clients get the most from their plants.
  • Exchange technical improvements made by Midrex and other MIDREX® Licensees.